Sydney Tower Buffet: A Review


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Sydney Tower Buffet

A month ago, I landed in Sydney with my family to board a 14-day cruise to New Zealand. Within hours of arriving in the city, we decided to have lunch at the buffet atop Sydney Towerthe tallest structure in Sydney.

I was hesitant about going. The price and location practically screamed “TOURIST TRAP!”, and that usually means the food will be dismal. So how did my experience turn out? Continue reading

La Guerrerense: Damn Fresh Seafood


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La Guerrerense, Ensenada, Clams

I’d read enough stories about the savage cartel violence tearing through Mexico to tell myself that I’d never go back. I travel to explore and relax…not to end up on a Liveleak video getting my head slowly sliced off with a kitchen knife.

But, as fate would have it, I ended up in Baja a few weeks ago. Specifically, in the relatively safe port city of Ensenada. Baja is abound with fresh, cheap seafood, and I’d heard this little food cart has some of the best around.

La Guerrerense, Ensenada

It’s called La Guerrerense. Anthony Bourdain says it may be the most famous food cart in the world. For less than the price of a Big Mac, you can get top quality seafood that would cost ten times more at any restaurant back in the States. Continue reading

Tom Bradley International….Reborn


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LAX, new Tom Bradley International Terminal

The terminals at LAX (that’s Los Angeles International Airport, in case you don’t know) have always been a bit…bland. The decor is dated and lacks personality. Amenities, aside from a newsstand here and an overpriced sandwich shop there, are practically non-existent.

Compared to the sleek, aesthetic, modern international airports located in cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Vienna, LAX is like a mid 90’s Ford Taurus. It gets you to where you want to go, but in the most dull and boring way possible. But in the coming months, that will all change. Continue reading


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